Peer testimonials

Wim Broeckx

Over several years, I have had the pleasure to see Gillian Revie teach as well as working with her during several workshops. Gillian is a warm hearted delightful colleague, always well prepared for her work, which she carefully passes on to future generations of dancers with tremendous passion. The experience Gillian has gained through her extensive professional career as a dancer as well as having worked with several world-renowned choreographers is a wealth of knowledge for any student to gain from. Her warm personality, love for the dance art as well as her generous approach to teaching is in my opinion providing an excellent learning environment for youngsters. During her classes and coaching sessions, Gillian provides a stable technical base combined with care and individual needs for the dancers, whilst teaching them the necessary skills, artistry, musicality to serve as a solid base for a career within the dance world. I would not hesitate to entrust my child’s professional dance education in her hands and definitely recommend Gillian as a tutor and mentor to young aspiring dancers.

Paul Boyd

Gillian is first and foremost a person of great integrity and her illustrious professional career as a Soloist and Principal Character Artist with the Royal Ballet obviously precedes her. I believe that all students who have the pleasure of working with Gillian will encounter a teacher/coach with vast experience and a wealth of knowledge passed on with warmth and passion, in a caring, positive and nurturing environment. Former Principal Dancer with: * Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Dusseldorf, Germany * Stadtische Bühnen Dortmund, Germany * Oper der Stadt Bonn, Germany * Basel Ballet, Switzerland * Queensland Ballet Currently Teacher/Choreographer with Queensland Ballet

Student testimonials

Timeah Logie

I joined Classical Ballet 121 at the beginning of 2016 and Gilly has done such a marvellous job of creating the full-time program that I have never had any reason to look back. Gilly is a very thoughtful teacher who always goes the extra mile to make things happen. Not only has she staffed her school with some of the best teachers around but she also makes sure that the students get everything they could possibly need in terms of training their bodies and minds to become the best they can be. From gym sessions to costume design and from anatomy to CV writing, Gilly has made sure that we are all fully equipped as dancers to face the professional world ahead of us. Students are also given wonderful opportunities to explore their creative sides and choreograph their own pieces which I personally found to be a great experience last year. Over the past year I have learnt so much from Gilly and the other teachers, especially about purity of technique and artistry in ballet, which has really helped me to improve my dancing. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at this school and am looking forward to all the wonderful discoveries Gilly will help me to make in the future.

Georgia Neaverson - Dutch National

"I am very fortunate to have been a private student of Ms Gilly Revie for the past four years. She is enormously experienced, as both a performer and teacher, and I have grown as a dancer under her expert tuition and care. Through Ms Gilly's coaching, my understanding of ballet technique has grown significantly. In particular, I am more keenly aware of the importance of purity of line and the sincerity of artistry in classical ballet. Ms Gilly has the perfect balance of instilling strong discipline, so necessary in this art form, with her kind and caring nature. The Sydney ballet community is all the more richer for having Ms Gilly as one of its most valued members. Thank you so much Ms Gilly!!!”

Emily Umbrazunas

"I have had private coaching from Gilly Revie for 4 years and all of her intricate details and pedantic corrections have helped me to fulfil my dreams of going to the Royal Ballet School. I have almost finished my final 2 years at White Lodge and now I’m moving up to the Royal Ballet Upper School. So without Gilly I wouldnt have made it this far and i’m forever grateful. I'm so happy your starting your own school Gilly!!! See you soon!"

Phoebe Scherrer

I started private lessons with Gilly in April 2014. Right from the beginning Gilly was very encouraging and supportive making sure I received the best training possible. Every lesson with her was always hard work. Gilly made sure I was really working to the best of my abilities and encouraged me to think and say: "I can and I will!" I was determined that I would succeed and use every benefit from her lessons. I found Gilly to be very firm but kind and wanted to bring out the best in me. Not only did Gilly focus on my technique but she also focused on my performance quality. I auditioned and was offered a place at the The Royal Ballet School, White Lodge in September 2014. I’m so thrilled to be at The Royal Ballet School where Gilly trained. I enjoy training with Gilly when I have holidays in Australia because she loves to see my progress and supports the training at The Royal Ballet School.

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