Classical Ballet 121 Full and Part Time Training

Students can sign up for all of the below or we can offer bespoke part time tuition for young dancers who are not quite ready to take on the full commitment.  Please contact us for further details on part time choices.


Pilates is essential for a dancer’s toned elongated physique. It is beneficial therefore to activate and strengthen in preparation for ballet class and the physical challenges of the day.

Inpower Fitness
Carefully planned circuit training sessions provides dancers with a personally designed program to build stamina and maintain the highest level of fitness.

Is a useful training method for dancers. to increase body awareness, strength and flexibility, and to develop a greater understanding of linking breath to movement.


Ballet Class
Class will follow a structured program, developed by Gillian Revie and will work in conjunction with the RAD syllabus training that will be provided by Teresa Johnson on a weekly basis. This is to ensure a healthy and progressive build throughout the year to develop each skill in a methodical manner and ensure a strong and accurate technique in preparation for exams.

Pointe Work
Pointe work requires such effortless strength that it is important to work at it on a daily basis. Gillian’s aim is to help girls become so at ease en pointe that the shoes no longer hold up the feet! More strength less shoes!

Time slips by very quickly in class due to the care and attention needed for accuracy, so often dancers don’t get the chance to practise grand allegro and coda. This class provides the students with the much needed attention to power, height and speed.

Carefully selected solos will be chosen termly. These will be analysed in depth and will be used as a tool for developing artistry through technique. Students will experience solos that suit them, and ones that perhaps don’t. This is crucial training for company life since dancers tend to not have a choice of the repertoire they must perform. It is crucial to be versatile.

Pas De Deux
Supported adage is a crucial element to training, balance and endurance and learning to trust and connect with your partner is the main focus in this class.

The Repertoire class helps to build a strong understanding and appreciation of traditional to contemporary ballets. Students learn how to stand in line in the corps de ballet, how to move in unison and how to emulate specific choreographic styles.

These classes educate students in dances from across the globe such as Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland and Italy. Strength, posture, stamina and style are only a few of the benefits that this class provides. Any dancer who joins a large repertoire company will be required to know the difference between a Mazurka and a Polonaise.

Dancers in all companies, whether Classical or Contemporary, are required to be intelligent and versatile. The students journey in this class will take them from the roots of Contemporary dance through to working with professional choreographers who are creating cutting edge works for the world stage today.


Dancers are guided in choreography skills which lead to an annual choreography competition. Term 3.


Tutors are provided for the students three afternoon per week. 121 assistance ensures that schoolwork remains a priority and that any areas of confusion or stress is solved quickly, rather than carried into the home.

Termly Goal Setting meetings with the director helps the students to understand their strengths and weaknesses so that they can focus clearly on their short and long term goals which guides their priorities

Weekly Research guidance is given to students researching appropriate worldwide vocational schools. CV writing and biographies are constantly updated in preparation for the future.

Self Savvi: helping teenaged dancers overcome personal insecurities and performance fear to encourage confident, healthy individuals.

Benish Notation: The ability to write and understand dance notation is a huge bonus to a dancer. Good notators are rare and extremely important for ballet companies through out the world.

TechTalk: Lighting design workshops designed to help students understand the stage and how a production is built.

Audition/Pointe shoe/Costume design/Set design/drama workshops

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